KODK Kodiak 1941 Read about our approach to external linking. AFRS WXLI Guam 01 Australian Radio Guide, Radio Station Partnerships now available for April 1 2015 – March 31 2016, 3ZM Christchurch 1323 kHz Advertising Booking Form, Spellbound Harbour Radio: HB East Coast, BOP Lakes & Auckland. AFRS Alaska Auf dieser Webseite des Radiosenders BBC World Service sind alle FM Radiofrequenzen jeder Stadt einfach zu finden und zwar: in der Spalte UKW Frequenz. Buy your favorites today! The relay is interrupted on an occasional basis for special events eg Eurovision. AFRS China-Burma-India Aussie Radio Commercials. Like Us . 7LA Launceston 4WK Warwick Bruce Portzer [Editor-in-Chief USA] KMTH Memories Jonathan Marks [EU] BBC World News Europe HD stammt aus dem Land Großbritannien und ist empfangbar über Astra 19.2° Ost auf der Frequenz 11229 MHz V. BBC World News Europe HD frei empfangbar. "All India Radio was worldwide. Diggers On Air 3CV Central Victoria 2CH Sydney 4AY Ayr Changing Stations Christmas Island Radio AFRS Radio City Pacific Radio Books Worldwide supporters In the coming days, BBC World Service, will adjust the following frequencies: Follow me at my Twitter feed @QSLRptMT for the latest shortwave broadcast information, frequencies and schedules. Listen to BBC World Service in Hindi: Jaipur & Udaipur ( Tadka FM) 95 FM. KTLG Radio Sangley Labels: BBC World service. Chrissy Brand [EU] Antarctica's Radio Nacional Arcangel San Gabriel s... World Music Radio extends schedule for the weekend, Update on All India Radio's Vividh Bharat, Radio Six International to broadcast September 5th, Argentine Anniversary: Their first radio broadcast. Latest edition now availableas a free eBook download! 2MG Mudgee Make small, regular donations to help with our on-going costs. Across the Pacific https://www.bbc.com/news/world-radio-and-tv-12926916. Feature Index. KEAD Treasure Island RNZ (Radio New Zealand) rebroadcasts most BBC feature programmes on its Radio National NZ network. AFRS Radio WVTK Leyte 3MA Sunraysia Station Aussie Ads, Australian Radio 1922-2012 6PM Perth Network Papua New Guinea Radio Nebenan ist der Standort des Sendemasts zu finden in der Spalte Senderstandort. WVUS New Caledonia Samoan Radio Sale WXLE Radio 1385 › Texas Radio Shortwave, October-December broadcast ... Australia's Best Known MicroNation is no More: The... Radio Northern Star special broadcast schedule, IRCA-Mexican Log, 23rd edition, now available. Direct short-wave transmissions for Europe have now ceased. Chris Mackerell [NZ] Spellbound Harbour Radio: HB East Coast, BOP Lakes & Auckland SW Radio Trilogy. American Radio Station in Australia Protected as a... New and updated schedules from the Netherlands, Two Long-Time Radio Leaders Launch Music Network. The KYOI Story 1200-1300 12065 -> 11995 kHz (Mauno Ritola/WRTH FB) at 3:39 PM. AFRS The Ledo Road AFRS VU2ZS Misamari Welcome to Teak Publishing's Shortwave Central blog. Board Bart Lee [USA] › 2PK Parkes Open Air Cinema, Radio Station Partnerships now available for April 1 2015 – March 31 2016 › WVUV Radio Romance 2BS Bathurst Chris Mackerell [NZ] Scott Fybush [USA] Bernard Duncan [NZ] Classic Radio Books 4SB Kingaroy WXLE Memories WVTB Olympic Baseball Kwajalein Army Radio Auch im Fall Sie Radiofrequenzen des BBC World Service kennen die nicht auf frequenz.fm stehen, werden wir gerne darüber informiert. Radio Norfolk Island Long wave frequency 198 kHz normally carries BBC World Service between 0100 and 0530 GMT (and the BBC's domestic channel BBC Radio 4 at other times). Listening in the Republic of Ireland new zealand Local Stations In Auckland, the BBC World service is transmitted 24 hours a day on 810 AM (from Friday 1 April), in Matakohe on 107.3 FM, and in Coromandel Pacific Coast on 107 FM. 3SH Swan Hill Art of Radio Hawaii© Urban Pacific Radio Suva Get the latest BBC World News: international news, features and analysis from Africa, the Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, South Asia, and the United States and Canada. Content Partners 2GB Sydney › All times UTC. All rights reserved. AFRS VU2ZP Brochure A number of local radio stations in continental Europe broadcast the BBC World Service on FM or AM frequencies. The BBC WS schedule carried on 198 kHz differs slightly from the core European schedule. AFRS India-Burma ZK1ZA Cook Islands Share Us. Anchor Partners Hermit Crab Network AFRS Sapporo 1949-1951 The Summer Collection Art of Amateur Radio Japan©, "Great site, great stuff on history of AFRS"Dr David Phillips, DINFOSS, Fort Meade, Maryland, USA, 4KZ: Queensland You will find broadcast, AM, amateur radio, and clandestine station information including logs, QSL tips, and last-minute news. 2XL Cooma ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation). Top 25 Popular Stories2020 to date 0100-0200 11730 -> 12065 kHz. 5AD Kangaroo Club Teak Publishing website - We bring the world to you! 3HA Hamilton The Gold Collection 4IP Ipswich US/Can Jingle Montage, FAQ ART (Auckland Radio Trust) ART (Auckland Radio Trust) relays BBC World Service 23.5 hours per day on AM 810 in Auckland NZ. 2KY Sydney The First Antarctic Radio In the Moscow and St Petersburg areas, local frequency 1260 kHz carries BBC World Service in English, as does 666 kHz in Ekaterinburg. ART (Auckland Radio Trust) From the Isle of Music and Uncle Bill's Melting Po... Special transmission of welle370, October 1, Radio Emma Toc World Service, October schedules. 2WL Wollongong Annual budget covers office/storage costs, utility charges, office equipment costs, consumables, travel costs. WASA Radio Antarctica Follow Us. WVTR Memories Kolhapur (Tomato FM) 94.3 FM. ^Top The NZ Radio Guide Main Index. 4MK Mackay 2NZ Northern NSW AFRS VU2ZP Signs Off Art of Radio Japan© 2HR Hunter River 3XY Melbourne 2UE Sydney Aunt Gwen of 2YA Dr Jo Del Monaco [NZ/EU] 2MW Murwillumbah Redistribution of these pages in any format without permission is strictly prohibited. World FM: Wellington, Nelson Heads FM: Northland 13th Edition e-Book Available Now from Amazon, Secluded in the mountains of Western North Carolina, A Teak Publishing Amazon eBook available for US$8.49, Amazon eBook previous edition available for US$8.49, Amazon eBook previous edition available for US$4.99, New Series 3 eBook available at Amazon for US$4.99, University of Twente Wide Band WebSDR Netherlands, Hepburn's DX Info Centre - Tropo Forecast and More. 2QN Deniliquin Read about our approach to external linking. Ad Production Offers Starting Radio Sangley 2DU Dubbo BBC World service frequency update In the coming days, BBC World Service, will adjust the following frequencies: English to Asia frequency changes . Although intended to serve the UK, 198 kHz is usually audible in parts of countries bordering the North Sea and English Channel. Contact your local cable network to see if BBC World Service is one of the channels on offer. WorldRadioHistory.com (ex-American Radio History), Teak Publishing Company Blog - Btown Monitoring Post. Freeparking [website and domain name hosting and email system hosting] AFRS Guadalcanal David Ricquish [NZ] BBC World Service can be heard overnight, from 0100 to 0530 hours UK time, on the BBC Radio 4 frequencies 92-95 FM and 198 kHz long wave. 4TO Townsville These are external links and will open in a new window, How to listen to BBC World Service in your part of the world, Australia, New Zealand and the South-West Pacific. What happens to your body in extreme heat?

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