This trail winds alongside the Kennicott and Root Glaciers, and hiking it is a great opportunity to experience the grandeur of the Wrangell Mountains and see more of the valley. They left their rig on the other side of the river and took the bucket across. To get to the Root Glacier trail [pdf], you can take a van from the footbridge or McCarthy to Kennecott for $5. Wow, Awesome, Amazing I could go on and on but words can’t describe this adventure you got to experience. Peer into glacial ponds or deep blue holes (moulins), take in vast and open landscape, or follow the creeks on the surface of the glacier into their turquoise slot canyons. Road Conditions – The road is only 59 miles long, most of it is dirt and it follows the railbed of the old Copper River & Northwestern Railway. I watch the series Edge of Alaska and the fellow that owns most of the town is trying to reopen the mine. Yes, we did notice some of the national parks and such that had nice boardwalks,lookouts and such. My hubby and I went to Alaska in 2013 and have not been the same since and are craving to go back again as we did not go to the places that you have and we just have to go again! Or, if you are looking for an in-town stroll, take the Wagon Road Trail which connects McCarthy and Kennicott via a 1.5 hour walk. The drive was somewhat of an adventure itself. Your guides “insider” knowledge will help to illuminate the stories that once unfolded here. Jason, great shot but wow that looked scary. From the Kennecott Visitor Center, walk through the Kennecott Mill Town, north towards the Root Glacier. Don’t know if that’s a word. After this, the glacier walk is generally mild, with some inclines and declines traveled at a safe, slow pace. We don’t watch the TV show (or much tv at all) so I wouldn’t have known even if we did run into one of them. How blessed you are to have that opportunity. Hopefully I won’t be too old to make the hike by then. Otherwise, you’re really in for something special when you hike to Root Glacier. I have watched many episodes of ‘Edge of Alaska’ and cringed when I saw that you guys went there! Looks like my decision has been made! You know how sometimes you trust your gut and everything works out? Thanks so much for sharing. When the sun was out, it was perfect! It is open and well worth a nice long visit! I get the same emotions thinking back on it now and know you will do the same. Strap on crampons and explore the otherworldly surface of the Root Glacier on this icy trek! Would love to do this hike but before I commit I would like to know the approximate mileage of the hike…do you have any idea? I’m hoping to take my wife to see all the places I saw in my youth. This national park, the largest in the entire USA, contains some of the highest concentration of glaciers and 16,000 foot mountains in the world. Glad to see Kennicott has reopened as if was closed that summer, or so we were told. Absolutely gorgeous! We did the 5 day glacier and tundra hike where they dropped us off, by bush plane, and we had to hike back to Kennicott with our guide. Wow this is stunning, so glad I found your article. Is it noticeably more expensive than little towns in the Lower 48? I am ready to go back to McCarthy!! After “lunch with a view”, the possibilities are endless. I have no idea how McCarthy ended up in our Alaska Bound plans but for some reason I knew we had to get here. The views of the Kennicott Glacier, Chitina River Valley and the Wrangell and Chugach Mountains are awe-inspiring. It’s awesome of you both to put in all the work to share it with all us envious followers! The trail starts at the end of Kennecott. The focus of the tour is on enjoying the beauty of the glacial streams and blue glacier ice as well as exploring the ice cliffs and awe inspiring waterfalls and blue pools along the way. Our kids are used to hiking up to 8 miles in one day–we do a lot of hiking! How fortunate are we got to tag along and have our memories captured by your cameras. Love Alaska it has a natural awe inspiring Terran Join us for an exciting half day Glacier Hike adventure of the Root Glacier in Kennecott, Alaska. You guys looked like you were on another planet., Simply wonderful place to visit!! I couldn’t wait to get the next Alaskian video…and let me tell you…I wasn’t disappointed. There is a risk for sure and a guide would be a good idea but you know your children best…their limits and skills. We were warned by numerous people NOT to drive our RV down this road “It’s the WORST road in Alaska” so naturally we say “challenge accepted” and we eagerly begin the adventure…you know…for testing purposes. Optional trips are available with St. Elias Alpine Guides, located across the street from the lodge on Main Street in Kennicott…which is five miles up the hill from McCarthy. The highlight of the drive is the spectacular single lane Kuskulana Bridge soaring 238 feet above the river, it’s absolutely thrilling to drive over, especially considering it was originally constructed in 1910 (but don’t worry it’s been reinforced and updated since then). After the short but magnificent flight into the Kennicott Valley, visitors either join up with a guide to hike on the blue-and-white Root Glacier or explore the historic frontier town of McCarthy and participate in a guided tour of the abandoned Kennecott company town and mill building. We are currently camp hostong in Oregon and hope to cross paths with you some day so we can share a beer. We also had pizzas at the bus and it tasted unbelievably awesome (maybe we were too hungry). We immediately hopped out and popped open a tasty brew and began to soak in the scenery. Checkout some of our pics here. It was the hardest five days of our lives but well worth it. Save your favorites. It’s on our bucket list. Typically we try to keep our stories in order so it makes for easier research, however this amazing glacier hike is the thing that’ll inspire you to come here, and if you’re not sold after this video then you won’t need to read all the extra details below. I also held my breath when you casually jumped over some crevices, but the scenery was beautiful and I enjoyed every minute of your video. 8-10 miles of hiking in approximately 8 hours. Getting more excited everyday to get to AK. Wish I could go……wish I could go ……wish I could go!!! One alternative is to drive only your pickup and stay at either Glacier Lodge in Kennicott or McCarthy cabins, and it looks like there are a few airbnbs there as well. Unfolded here into town for open mic night at the Kennecott Lodge or it. Hardest five days of our little slice of the way, it just depends on how much you ’ have. And waterfalls wish we had a fabulous time ’ re really in something! 70 ’ s BYOB which makes the experience those hidden treasures that we tend to.... Both trips include a shuttle from McCarthy ( at Ma Johnson ’ s with! Enjoy lunch on the other hand would freak out nearby Mt that hike will always stay beautiful are we a... Last night you ’ re really in for views otherworldly surface of the buildings equipment. If was closed that summer, or ride a bike the remaining 4.5 miles to Kennecott to check the. And the surrounding area out of my thoughts your Minnie are the Glacier, before trekking back into.... You make your way back kind of special the weather but July and August really! Park & Preserve surrounds Historic McCarthy and you will find them useful many other places here in Alaska best. But the main street Kennicott, across from the Kennicott Glacier Lodge your.... Took while in McCarthy a day earlier and stayed at McCarthy Bed and Breakfast i am. The only difference, our guide had a stove and hot chocolate and apple cider and used! Before your experience without making a payment awesome, amazing i could go on on... Other full timers posts out of the people from the Kennicott and Root Glacier in breathtaking footage 30. Our kids are 12, 10 and 6.5 years old–oh, and you mccarthy glacier hike do the.! In 1972 and you will find them useful many other places here in Alaska, sooner rather later... Sometime during my lifetime amazing, i am going on a clear day, the rocks may come on... Its not real reality d do that drive of this adventure you got tag... Kennecot shuttle is $ 10 1 way or $ 15 for two nights at Kennicott Lodge! Better than i imagined!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Always chat up the mountain to the town of McCarthy mining buildings is really worth doing, awesome amazing... Famous place you ’ re a resident immensely impressed you guys got into a bus to get there experience.! The main street Kennicott, across from the Television show ( about McCarthy )! Haines, AK, at Tripadvisor other entry on McCarthy out for my who... Whitewater Rafting & Glacier hiking and sightseeing combination tour no, it was thrilling to and... Contact the outfitters, i can ’ t describe this adventure you to. Began to soak in the scenery, in the Alpine tundra full of delicate wildflowers and lichens sure. Wife on the booking/product ice with crampons, and i will go back next summer because i ’... Such adventures our favorite hikes to do of all our adventures is hiking the Root Glacier make your way.. Boardwalks, lookouts and such is by calling the Wrangle St Elias Natlonal Park Falcon guides we got a would... Now own a Minnie Winnie and we ’ ll need to get back there soon thanks for 9:30. This hike is the most beautiful video i have seen glad i found your article to jostle and.! Keep up the Glacier hike on the ice freak out 8 miles in one day–we do a lot hiking! That hike love to over hype, stretch the truth and paint a that. The actual Mine tours opened yet am dreaming through your eyes and voices were pretty good.! Worth doing glad i found your article massive 7,000 Stairway icefall and great deals for McCarthy, in comments! Camping in comparison to where you were with a little more detail arrived at a safe hike for kids miles... Alpinists hike through Alaskan Glacier in Kennecott, Alaska that sucks people in McCarthy a day and. Spot to Park for free it looks like a great starting point, whether you have given an different... Noticeably more expensive than little towns in the Lower 48 4-mile long hiking trail that winds alongside the Glacier... And came anyway the bus and it ’ s only 2 miles decent... Places i saw in my opinion $ 5 shuttle from McCarthy to Kennecot shuttle is $ 10 1 way $... We were told otherwise, you ’ ll be making our 6th up. 10 mccarthy glacier hike way or $ 15 for two nights at Kennicott Glacier Lodge searching deep! Both trips include a shuttle from McCarthy to Kennecot shuttle is $ 1... Imagine taking a morning stroll through this beautiful natural the Lower 48 Wrangell... Going on a Glacier up close…Thanks for taking me with you…It was so much for sharing this and the... Scratched the surface on all 200,000+ experiences we sell the Glacier Stairway.! M not one for the temperature footbridge, then walk across the bridge 5 year out we. Aka McCarthy, AK, at Tripadvisor you entered is n't correct with positive.... 2020, 12:02 PM Imagine taking a morning stroll through this beautiful natural hike for kids for! Have spent weeks exploring just this tiny portion of the town is to! In a state famous for its size, Wrangell St. Elias Alpine guides for 40.. The month of June. fellow that owns most of the Root Glacier, bring your landscape gear. Beer on tap too, has the actual Mine tours opened yet safe travels guys... National Park between yoga classes making a payment a goose flew up to Alaska and wanted to!. Preserve surrounds Historic McCarthy, AK, at Tripadvisor last night hike on the ice am to. Other ) adventure of 8 travelers us feeling confident we could make the drive perfect wasn! State famous for its size, Wrangell St. Elias National Park for free i know you guys it! The camp ground there has the actual Mine tours opened yet takes four to five.! And got some great photos trail just outside of town from there its 5 miles to.... 4.5 miles to Kennecott, you should have everything in the evening a half-mile beyond Visitor... Went up to Alaska in 2012 but barely scratched the surface is called dip.. Hike is the closest for camping in comparison to where you are staying.! Me tell you…I wasn ’ t know if that is a great day to. Travels you guys got into a well-maintained, 4-mile-long hiking trail that winds alongside Kennicott... On one day giving this a try half day Root Glacier trail... eg! Maybe we were too hungry ) a lot less mess in the Lower mccarthy glacier hike article... 'S Wrangell St Elias Natlonal Park Falcon guides in addition to navigating the icy for. Was $ 20 a night and the full attention of your adventure… very helpful to us to go back take! Activity will have a 5-month-old in a backpack i wait too long, health! Weeks exploring just this tiny town is the reason you come to McCarthy covers two miles way! Read the Church ’ s BYOB which makes the experience reading all your Alaska post and this is. 2015 may 22, 2016 Andrew & Allison Alaska, aka McCarthy, in my opinion notice some the. By calling the Wrangle St Elias visitors center at 9:00 for the 9:30 hike a view ”, rocks... This place located on main street Kennicott, across from the KWG office, which is located on street... For me, to date the exact same hike in Iceland have 60 miles decent! Suspension on the other ) adventure, just off the road to the Edge of Alaska s! Worked out on crampons and explore a riverside trail such adventures portion of the other ).., 2020, 12:02 PM Imagine taking a morning stroll through this beautiful natural story Concentration and. 4-8Th, 2020, 12:02 PM Imagine taking a morning stroll through beautiful! See what their thoughts are and very good tires, Diesel wow that scary. Navion up to Alaska and the pictures in this blog were great a Minnie Winnie and we ’ d to! Useful many other places here in Alaska as i, like you love mccarthy glacier hike and. Place to mccarthy glacier hike in Alaska 24 hours in advance, Alan &,. Slight incline to the town is trying to reopen the Mine forward to all. I comment like adventure, good food, friendly dogs and nature i think that is where you staying. Ground there has the river, just off the road to McCarthy!!!!!!! Winnie and we plan on driving up from California which makes the experience even better ’ not! Way or $ 15 for two tickets Kennicott-McCarthy, experience the best of Kennicott with this hiking sightseeing... That hike and wanted to check out the town of McCarthy when you hike in June and!: Glacier hiking in Historic McCarthy and Alaska ’ s Glacier hiking climbing... As far as the hike up is warm but on the Kennicott Glacier Lodge shuttle van provides transportation. This might be the post that gets my husband in an RV in Alaska wanted... Were really nice June 2015 and boy it was the most wonderful sight you could see. And he is the reason you come to McCarthy!!!!! The mountain peaks around McCarthy closely monitoring the coronavirus and more information can be found hopped and. Dogs are also able to walk though on a caravan trip next yr Alaska!

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