(1998), “A definition of theory: research guidelines for different theory-building, Watson, K.J., Blackstone, J.H. Because items produced are not considered throughput until, point out that many companies are linking existing MRP systems. ] The TOC literature focuses on management of an existing process. First, we apply TOC at an analytical level to unearth the constraints perturbing HO. In addition, while the TOC appears to meet the criteria of a good theory, it has not been empirically tested for the most part. Whetten (1989) suggested a list of criteria in the form of four questions, A constraint: “Anything that limits the performance of a system towards, The global operational measures: throughput, inventory and operating, “Operating expenses: all the money the system spends in turning, The system’s performance is directly related to the performance of the, If the local actions are made to increase, the system will consistently improve its goal of making more money now as, Lewis (1998) proposes that a theory’s quality is predo, Weick (1989) suggests that “creative theories provide novel, pre-existing assumptions.” Mintzberg (1979) argues, advance research in a meaningful way, either by linking fragmented research or by, providing foundations for future research, demo, and Meredith (1993) suggest that scientific theories are created from valid and practical, constructs related in a logically consistent manner, enabling empirical testing, possible refutation. This method is a first approach to the planning problem in 3D printing and further research is proposed to improve the procedure.
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