Tele Ashtray Style Bridge with 6 Brass Saddles The Tone of Brass Saddles A cover may be used on this bridge style. Description. Gotohs take on the Classic bridge for the Telecaster® - but with a twist! Replacement for Older Vintage Telecaster Bridges. Part Number: C19. It comes with all the standard stuff you would expect – adjustable saddles for string height, radius, and intonation. Goth claims this is an improved version of the traditional Tele bridge. Babicz FCHTELEBKP Full Contact Hardware Telecaster Bridge. Sporting those iconic 3 brass saddles, but with an inbuilt compensation thats to Gotohs "in-Tune" system, but interestingly, its built up without the lipped edge featured on most vintager bridges for the Tele… The “secret”, if there is one, is that this bridge comes with a solid brass … To start off our list of the best Telecaster bridges out there, we’ve chosen one of the best of the best. The Mastery M4.1 Bridge for Bigsby B5 users that have a standard vintage Tele footprint features cutouts in the back of the baseplate along with our unique hard chrome plated brass saddles to ensure your … Wilkinson Compensated Bridge - Fits Telecaster® - Brass Saddles. Despite being one of the most premium bridges on this list, and indeed the market, this is really the only bridge … A genius piece of work- three genuine BRASS saddles, cast in an ingenious compensated pattern- sitting on a solid stamped steel baseplate in classic Tele … Compensating Bridge … Availability: In Stock. Scale Length Adjustment Screws for Setting Intonation.

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