If I’m Temple, I’m considering moving the entire practice year to Ambler. ( Log Out /  . Friday: 5 Ways This Season Will Be Different. It is much appreciated. Temple needs a game. Temple grad wins pair of football season tickets for 150 years The 6-foot-5, 240-pound Yeboah has 19 receptions for 233 yards and five touchdowns this season. … and the same jackass just said Bernard Pierce was not cleared to practice until two days before the game. That’s a pretty bitter pill to swallow after 36 wins in the past four seasons so, yes, that’s a huge step back after steps forward. If the Owls lose to Tulane, then the next bit of excitement will come when the bowl bids are announced Dec. 8. Dave, Ocean City, N.J.; James, Chalfont; Ross, Garden City (N.Y.); Schmitty, Ocean City, N.J.; Sarge (via Schmitty); Owls have two of those at Ambler. Another missed opportunity by the Temple administration. It would have been, in my mind, a terrific game, with former Temple commit Kenny Pickett battling Anthony Russo in nice quarterback battle. "It's very difficult for us to represent to our students that this is a first-rate University without providing the experiences that are offered elsewhere. Both Mason (Tulsa) and Braswell (UConn) have pick 6s on their resumes. "Temple's success in 1A football would clearly help its image. Change ). He played college football at Temple, where he played 53 career games, which is tied for the most career games in Temple football history.. At Temple these days, you’ve got to check the official roster daily to see if the guy’s still here. The fields are in good shape. In our last post, we’ve noted that ESPN college football analytics guy Bill Connelly is likely to stick a 6-6 prediction on the 2020 Temple football Owls. The Owls went on to win, 30-28. The AAC began conducting a conference title game in 2015, and Temple lost the inaugural one to Houston, 24-13, before winning the title with a 34-10 rout of host Navy in 2016. 6) No Unauthorized Promoting or Advertising Penn State might not need a foe, but Pitt does. Under Foley, Isaiah Wright was a dynamic punt and kickoff returner in 2018. . Sharif Jarel Gregory Wayne Finch (born October 1, 1995) is an American football linebacker for the Chicago Bears of the National Football League (NFL). George Reid, from Abington High (thanks, Rob Krause! ; Micah F., Philadelphia, Pa.; James S., Mt. ( Log Out /  They wanted to play as many minutes as they could. You could muster a lot more optimism around here if Ricky Slade, Scott Patchan and Michael Maietti were joining the family for spring practice in a few weeks. A few well-designed plays can be the difference between evenly matched teams and many more can be the difference in an upset. 23-ranked host Iowa State. due to city practice restrictions, there is virtually no chance an unbeaten Temple team makes the playoffs. For the mathematically challenged (and we had one of those last week), that’s two DEs, two DTs=4; plus 3LBS=7; two safeties=9 and two corners=11. Search. 8 ), has had plenty of playing time at safety and outside linebacker and M.J. Griffin is a prized recruit ready to come into his own at safety. Dave, Ocean City, N.J.; James, Chalfont; Ross, Garden City (N.Y.); Schmitty, Ocean City, N.J.; Sarge (via Schmitty); Jackassery gets you banned for life and that’s just what happened to him. All we have to go on here are three things: 1) what we saw last year; 2) last year’s depth chart and 3) the roster currently published on Owlsports.com, which is constantly updated. The few shots of tailgating we’ve seen have shown the same. The commissioner’s member schools do not seem as sure. Often underutilized, he was targeted a little more toward the end of the season, finishing with eight receptions for 133 yards and four touchdowns in his last four games. Going over the list, the closest I could find were the Henry Burris duo of Troy Kersey and Van Johnson and their best year fell well short of the nearly 2,000 yards Mack and Blue put up under the same quarterback last year. “This is what your roots are. There won’t be fans or tailgating in Philadelphia this fall. If he makes even the same kind of improvement this season, that will be 28 touchdowns and eight interceptions. That’s how football is, unfortunately. Change ). When we last saw The Citadel on Saturday it lost 49-0 to Clemson. Going into Navy by practicing against an RPO offense is a recipe for disaster. ; Micah F., Philadelphia, Pa.; James S., Mt. He was signed by the Tennessee Titans as an undrafted free agent in 2018. Temple football’s first home game is against South Florida on Oct. 17. Someone in the coaching office conference room is a yellow legal pad with a list of goals for spring practice that begins tomorrow. .... Temple's overall image has been boosted by the success of men's basketball led by Coach Chaney. Anthony Russo. I say go for it. (Madourie still is.) Pessissmism, not optimism, have understandably reigned. Not large, but suitably sized for the team using it. Picozzi, from Lansdale Catholic, was arguably the second-best lineman on the team. ; Matt M., hometown unknown; Frank K., Horseheads, N.Y.; Mike F., Montauk, N.Y.; John, Landenberg, Pa.; Michael B, D.C.; Joe S., Primos, Pa.; James G., Philadelphia, Pa.; Michael R., Philadelphia, Pa.; David N., Silver Spring (Md. ( Log Out /  As far as playing in Chester, they could probably allow the season ticket holders in and say they have to sit at least a seat apart and wear a mask. If you do, they are like Angel Hernandez. Jadan Blue. Search. Otherwise, we live in Philadelphia but our mindset is in the Show Me state of Missouri. Now Temple is at least in the running. That’s assuming a lot of things, though, among them that the current coaching staff is not so wedded to a read-option that it might ditch the better passer for the better runner. If Diaz “coaches” Miami (with D’Eriq King at quarterback and Quincy Roche at DE) to a loss against visiting Temple, the season momentum could be off and running for the Owls. Also, 10 days earlier,  Bob. Plus, since no fans are allowed at the Linc, it would give the Temple kids the treat of playing in front of real fans, many of them wearing Cherry and White. Golden had a couple of Cherry and Whites there. Such was the case on Saturday and such should and could be the case for Temple going forward this season. Those turned out to be tuneups for the Sun Belt, which now at least has a compelling argument it is the best G5 conference. By being a really, really tough football team.”. Last year, Temple finished 7-1 in the AAC, but UCF beat the Owls, 52-40, and that was the difference. Two halfbacks? Sadly, since the Owls did not seek out a P5 opponent (Pitt?) 5) No Personal Attacks ... this means attacking a fellow poster by name Earlier: Matt F., Philadelphia; Matt P.  (former Temple player) John from Landenberg and Jon E. from Cincinnati. 03.02.20. by Mike Gibson. In another bit of what this space believes is governmental overreach, the City of Philadelphia announced Wednesday that four streets will be blocked off on Eagles’ Game Day so that fans cannot tailgate around Lincoln Financial Field. Temple Football Forever. Good dude! Paypal: Last donation: Former Owl Bruce G., Flourtown, Pa, who generously donated $100 in “honor” of the Ambler guy 10/8/20; (if they hate you in Ambler, we love you in Flortown,” BG says). After consecutive eight-win seasons piggybacked on top of consecutive double-digit-win seasons, that’s just another step back after a pretty good run. ; Matt M., hometown unknown; Frank K., Horseheads, N.Y.; Mike F., Montauk, N.Y.; John, Landenberg, Pa.; Michael B, D.C.; Joe S., Primos, Pa.; James G., Philadelphia, Pa.; Michael R., Philadelphia, Pa.; David N., Silver Spring (Md. Florida falls to No. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. It is much appreciated. Who knows? UAB’s athletic director is Mark Ingram, who was rumored to be a leading candidate for the Temple job before Fran Dunphy was chosen as a stop-gap measure. “If we’re great on defense and special teams, we’re going to be in every game,” Golden said in 2009. Thanks, BG, we appreciate it; Earlier: James G., Philadelphia (7/21/20, thanks James) Robert B., Philadelphia (7/13/20,  thanks, Bob, hope to see you at the tailgates again this fall); Previous: Jon E. from Cincinnati 6/15/20, our first donation this calendar year  (thanks, Jon); Earlier, John from Landenberg; Kurt B., Wyomissing Hills, PA (former Temple player, 10-15-19) Earlier: David B. , Springfield, PA (9/26/19 … thanks, Dave!) In the early part of September, P5 teams like to schedule so-called cupcake games for tuneups prior to the conference season. Why 2020 Could Be a Step Back . UCF is an 8.5-point favorite, but I would stay away from this game due to 10 UCF players opting out and uncertainty over whether GT’s win at FSU was due to GT being impressive or Mike Norvell facing unique first-year challenges. 7) No attacking the kids who play football for Temple If Carey is still living in a modest home in South Jersey next year and driving a pickup truck, he will have done things his way and gone 4-4. Temple lost to Tulane in the first Sugar Bowl, 20-14 in 1935. In order to gain trust of Owls fans, it’s going to have to improve this year. Losers: Auburn and Mississippi State ); John, Landenberg, Pa.; Tom S. East Norriton, Pa.; Comment rules are pretty much the same as the Temple fan facebook group: Players know. ( Log Out /  ); John, Landenberg, Pa.; Tom S. East Norriton, Pa.; Comment rules are pretty much the same as the Temple fan facebook group: A lot of things happened since the end of the year, including four pretty valuable players with Temple eligibility left giving up that eligibility for, in no particular order, the NFL, the first Temple opponent on next season’s schedule, and Ole Miss. “I get excited every time we get some new swag.”. That’s how football is, unfortunately. Second impressions: Quarterback depth improved with Re-Al Mitchell, the transfer from Iowa State, and the improvement of prized recruit Trad Beatty. Extrapolate that logic just a little bit by imagining this: If your entire first team left for “greener” pastures and the scout team wanted to stay, are you really better off? We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. C and Joe S.    and, on June 26, first bowl MVP Mark B. Temple Football Forever. Since people often lie when they move their lips and the numbers on the page always remain the same, I will take the latter over the former when discussing anyone’s legacy. Cincinnati leads the division at 5-0, while Temple is 3-2 (and UCF is 4-2). Harder, though, for Ray Davis to hit 1,000 yards in eight games if he could get 900 yards last year in a dozen. It did not get that last year. The Owls have a quarterback known for an accurate and big arm and not for his legs. ;; Brett K., Swedesboro, N.J.; Joe S., Primos, Pa.; Ed M., Paoli, Pa.; Phil E., Lorton, Va.; Ross M., Garden City, NY; David K., Malvern; Jon E., Cincinnati ; Jon, SE Ohio; Cordalia and Jim S., Eastampton, NJ.

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